Coffee Cup Sessions

Audio Collaboration with Joe Bauer • 2015 to present

There is a magical moment early in the morning between the hazy echos of dreams and crisp consciousness of daylight. A temporary moment of stillness in an otherwise bustling city center. A moment suspended in isolation of the news, jobs, task lists, responsibilities or obligations. Friends, still stirring from the fog of sleep, sit down with the first brewed coffee of the morning and greet each other. Coffee Cup Sessions is a journal of these moments, shared by friends in conversation through audio, electronics, and that first cup of coffee. This journal marks the unique aspects of each session. Some days, as with life, are better than others. Some days the dreamlike shroud of slumber is more difficult to shake than others. Some days are happy celebrations of life, while others are the dull, monotonous, plodding on of time and routine. But, the journal records these fleeting moments, the transitions to wakeness before they are spoiled by the bustle and stresses of the day. Captured, electronically, as conversations in audio over minutes and over months.

Engling Bauer Coffee Cup Session Gear Image Engling Bauer Coffee Cup Session Performing Image