Curriculum Vitae

Jason Engling is an educational technologist, design thinker, and sound artist. His professional work is at a midwestern medical school and involves collaborating with educators by exploring, consulting, and building solutions that integrating technology into their teaching. He holds a BS in Telecommunications and Film as well as a Masters in Educational Media and Technology from Eastern Michigan University.

As a sound artist, Jason creates ambient music utilizing acoustic instruments and found sounds, alongside synthesized and sampled material. The resulting works are textured, melodic, and at times collage-like. He has performed and composed since 2000. To support this work and the experimental/electronic music scene, he created and helped organize various events over the last 18 years. He functioned as a co-curator for the netlabel Cyclene Records (2003 - 2010); creator and curator for the Individual Deconstruction - a series of audio/visual events (2000 - 2003); and Curator for Dorkbot Detroit Events (2005-2006).

In addition to his solo work, Jason and longtime collaborator, Joe Bauer have performed in venues across the US Midwest, Detroit and Chicago. For the 42nd Ann Arbor Film Festival Joe and Jason created a live audio-visual performance, “Reading and Cleaning,” from which they took still frames to present as visual art at the Ann Arbor Art Center gallery. The journal from their current Coffee Cup Sessions project can be streamed from SoundCloud.

Jason Engling

1978 • Michigan, USA


  • 2015 Masters of Educational Media and Technology, Eastern Michigan University, USA
  • 2001 Bachelor of Science, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Audio Publications

As self


Collaborative releases

Various artist compilations


As Self

  • 2017, June 8th - Pop • IN @ Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor, MI (apart of the Intermitten Conference)


  • 2007, March, 9th - Sync ’07 - @ University of Michigan Duderstat Center, Ann Arbor, MI (photos)
  • 2006, December, 21st @ Dreamland Theater
  • 2006, March, 10th - Sync ’06 @ University of Michigan Duderstat Center, Ann Arbor, MI
  • 2005, July 9th - C-e-n-t-e-r Art Project Performance and Viewing @ Your Input Here
  • 2005, April, 30th @ Your Input Here
  • 2004, April, 20th @ WLUW Record Fair


Event Curation

The following are public events that were curated and implemented by Jason Engling.

2006, March 9th - Dorkbot.detroit at Sync 2006

The 6th dorkbot.detroit took place at the University of Michigan’s Duderstat Center as apart of the Digital Arts Festival, Sync. We opened the performance portion of the festival by kicking off the first of it’s three days. This time around we had three very good presenters who brought their own unique style of the audio arts to present to the audience a diverse look the electronic music and electronic story telling.

2005, March 3rd - Dorkbot Detroit Signal Processing Chain

The idea of the signal processing chain is to have an audio source that will send an audio signal to a person with a device that can manipulate sound. That person’s signal would then be passed to the next person and so on. Can we control the audio beast? Will it be just noise? How many people can we get to take part?

2003, July 11th - 13th - Individual Deconstruction 3

Artists and electronic musicians from the local and Chicago areas come together for weekend of visual art and experimental audio performances.

2001, June - Individual Deconstruction 2

Artists and electronic musicians from the Detroit and Chicago areas come together for weekend of visual art and experimental audio performances.

2000, June - Individual Deconstruction 1

Artists and electronic musicians from the Detroit area come together for weekend of visual art and experimental audio performances.

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Hair with Victoria Engling - The Haircut
  • G.A.I.N.T with Victoria Engling - 64 Acres
  • Digital Screen with Joe Bauer - Reading and Cleaning
  • W.O.R.K. - Morning Songs

Selected Reviews/Interviews